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Home Page - 2002-04-14

posted 28 Nov 2008, 19:20 by S V Ramu   [ updated 29 Nov 2008, 03:07 ]
Parallelism - The goal of planning [Read this article]

Dynamic call Until the recent past, whenever I used to start on a project, and decided to 'Plan' something before starting coding, I used to get stuck. What should I plan about? Will not the requirements keep changing? Isn't direct coding, in small chunks, and in an iterative fashion, the best? But now, after some years of experience, slowly few things are becoming repetitively assertive...

So, when we embark on Designing a project, our prime goal should be to find what is the maximum number of people that we can put in the project, without wasting too much time on management issues...

The mark of extensibility of a project is the degree to which its internal relations are polymorphic. I'm unable to enumerate the exhaustive non-overlapping list of polymorphic needs of a project; but that should be possible as we mature further. For now, remembering to loose-couple inter-module dependency through interfaces and dynamic class loading, through a factory, is a decent insurance for usefulness of planning.

TATTVUM pointer How to start our own site? [Read this FAQ]

  • But I heard that I need my own domain name?
  • Is ther anything wrong with free server space?
  • What should I do, if I want a domain name like www.MyDomainName.com? How much does it cost? And how long will it take?...

TATTVUM pointer TATTVUM - Dreams for this quarter and beyond [Read this article]

  1. As of now, this site will be re-hosted every week (like a weekly magazine), but will also update with corrections and minor modifications in between the week (unlike a weekly magazine).
  2. We have vowed that whatever we share here will be only what we found inspiring. If a week goes by without any 'Aha' experience, there won't be any updates either, other than the keep-alive status reporting.
  3. ...
With this week's hosting we are introducing a new archive. Before this April end, we intend to add two more archive.

There is not much change in what you need to do,
  1. If your mail client is configured in your machine, as usual, you can click the appropriate (mailto) hyperlinks in any of the pages in TATTVUM site , and send us all, your message.
  2. Or, if you want to use it in web or otherwise, please send your discussion mails to the same mailto address, group@TATTVUM.com.