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Home Page - 2002-04-21

posted 28 Nov 2008, 19:23 by S V Ramu   [ updated 29 Nov 2008, 03:09 ]
Open-Source and We [Read this article] [What is Open Source?]

Open Source Humbling experience:
Many a times, I try to do something new, and while searching something in the net, stumble upon a treasure trove, that is both inviting and disappointing. Even my cherished ideas, I find, is already researched to death and even made as a standard! Internet has been an eye-opener in many a sense. How many times have I found just the clarification I wanted, when I'm stuck with an error message. More we browse the net meaningfully and exploratively, more will we be humbled, and hence we will be that much smarter by taking our 'Greatness' lightly...

The Vacuum fills up faster:
It doesn't need a genius to proclaim that you can pour more sugar into a jar, only when there is space in it. A clogged mind is not fertile enough for newer thoughts. Many a times secretes clog our brain, whereas healthy sharing, contrary to most business mindset, in fact frees our mind and hence progresses...

TATTVUM pointer Site Reports [About Mailing Model] [Check List Archive]

  • From this week onwards, we formally abandon YahooGroups. Please check out the About Mailing Model link above for more details.
  • We are starting a new archive for Check Lists. These checklist provide the common standards that we can all use for various aspects of our computing life. Please do comment on these, and let us together change our practices for good.