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Kolam is the traditional and homely day-to-day art of India, especially South India. This program tries to draw this intricate knot structure by defining as little parameters as possible. The key logic is to treat a Kolam as connected points and weave a curve over it, using the extended form of Bezier curve.

TATTVUM Java Kolam - 0.1 - (2002-06-23)

posted 28 Nov 2008, 04:42 by S V Ramu   [ updated 28 Nov 2008, 23:02 ]

Note:This is the initial PoPP release, containing the source and the binary, and a batch file to run the demo. For further details please browse the code (not much comments there too, except the class model and the moderately modularized code). More documentation will come soon.

Requirements: I use 1.4 Java, but this program doesn't use any 1.4 specific API. So, ideally it should run in any 1.2+ JVM. Please mail me (svramu at TATTVUM) if you run into problems. I'll also be checking it this week, and update about bugs in the next hosting.

Download the software: TATTVUM-PoPP-TJKolam-0.1-all.zip (~14k)

To Run the demo: Execute the RunDemo.bat file in the downloaded zip.

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