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Ragam is a tune-defining concept in Indian classical music, especially in South India. This program accepts a coded song in a custom .sng (song) file, and plays it using Java MIDI package. The notation used for recording music in Ragam is a linear model, unlike the western staff notation. This is the traditional notation of Carnatic music, with some changes for computer usage.

The program should eventually allow full configuration, save the song in a .mid file, and play back as notated. Raga analysis, detection and random creations also should be possible.

TATTVUM Java Ragam - 0.2 - (2003-11-22)

posted 28 Nov 2008, 04:39 by S V Ramu   [ updated 28 Nov 2008, 23:00 ]

The .sng file parser has been simplified drastically. Importantly, modified the old Listener like EventManager model to the, standard and, in this case, the very effective Builder Pattern. The .mid file creation is now working without the early slow-timing problem. It seems the 1.4.2 has corrected the off beat playback, when executed through a batch file.

The jEdit syntax coloring mode is included, if you are using JEdit (and know how to add a new mode). If so, add the following line in the jEdit catlog file, <MODE NAME="Song" FILE="Song.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.sng" />

Requirements: I use 1.4.2 Java's String.split() call, which uses the Regex package of 1.4 J2SE. (This helps me to remove my old manual chunking method and other dependencies)

Download the software: TJRagam-0.2-all-20031122.zip (~21k)

To Run the demo: Execute the RunDemo.bat file in the downloaded zip.

TATTVUM Java Ragam - 0.1 - (2002-06-23)

posted 28 Nov 2008, 04:37 by S V Ramu   [ updated 28 Nov 2008, 23:02 ]

Note:This is the initial PoPP release, containing the source and the binary, and a batch file to run the demo. For further details please browse the code (not much comments there too, except the class model and the moderately modularized code). More documentation will come soon.

Requirements: I use 1.4 Java, but this program doesn't use any 1.4 specific API. So, ideally it should run in any 1.2+ JVM. Please mail me (svramu at TATTVUM) if you run into problems. I'll also be checking it this week, and update about bugs in the next hosting.

Download the software: TATTVUM-PoPP-TJRagam-0.1-all.zip (~31k)

To Run the demo: Execute the RunDemo.bat file in the downloaded zip.

WARNING: The song playback is off-beat for some reason, if not played in my JEdit editor! I know this is a serious problem, and will rectify it as soon as possible. I'm releasing the code only for interested coders.

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