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We strongly believe, that only unique value survives. We are equally certain, that defeat is merciless in pruning the unwanted. With survival as the litmus test, we intend to give our best, and to do business, in every reasonable sense of that word. We do understand and accept our social responsibilities, and are eager to meet them.

We are a handful of novices, hoping to give value for value. We have ourselves given 2 years as the gestation period. Within which time we expect to do all our mistakes, hopefully in a correctable fashion, and progress.

Our agenda is ambitious, but have decided to stay with it, however ridiculous it may be now. To start with we'll be concentrating fully on Solution Engineering and Distributed Application Architecture. Our approach to it would be to simplify and clarify the motivation behind each principle and practice.

We are opening our shop in April 2002. We hope to interest you!

(February, 2002)

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For any queries or criticism, please contact S V Ramu

TATTVUM: TAT='That' + TVUM='You'

Few of our friends inquired what TATTVUM means. We are happy to share it with you all. TATTVUM is one of those Vedic Sanskrit words that have been adopted into Tamil with minor syntactic abridgment and different but equally respectful connotation. In Sanskrit its full form is TAT TVUM ASI, which translates to That You are. This sentence is very respected and famous in Vedic literature, and is in fact one of the five famous such phrases, and succinct of all. This assertion has been interpreted into various meanings. While starting the company, we were encouraged by the fatalistic but very optimistic philosophy of Advita, and hence the name. In Tamil it means A profound truth.

(March, 2002)