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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:53:5 AM

Making design happen [Read this article]

There is more than one way a conceived design could be deviated. Broadly the forces could be pure people management problem (like lack of commitment from team member, and other issues) and other is the force that affects the design due to natural flaw in software engineering design process. In this article we will concentrate more on the problem that arise out of the later. The forces that affect are...

Reflecting upon Web Abstraction and URL [Read this article]

While HTTP has abstracted the client and server completely to each other, what remain as the interface to server for the client is only the URL. The URL now assumes, almost an API like importance. The URL is our client's only interface to our web site or service. For many ISPs it might be mandatory to abstract this URL model completely to both the client and the application. The URL given to the client might be strategically important, and might need to be fairly unchanging, irrespective of their web application's status or upgrade. Maybe we can start to think about an website as a collection of URLs that need to be serviced in a certain way, and then work towards satisfying those URL requests. Maybe this way, the testing of a site, might be testing of a series of URLs.