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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:36:1 AM

ATANA - Autonomous Transforming Asynchronous Node Architecture [Read this Article] [Read this thought process]

Each ATA Node could be considered as a standalone and asynchronous XML aggregator and XSLT converter. Thus if properly granularized, each node could very well be the a unit Task for one person, and might even be for one day. The luring point is that, a XML ATA Node is very well defined. We can tell what XML inputs are there, what XML output we need, and what all XML configuration parameters are there. The developer's task is to write the conforming transformation code. Here, my take is that XSL could very well be the only language required, to the exclusion of everything like Java or C++. This is what the PoP implementation will latter try to test. Pushing this idea further, we can imagine that a group of related XATANs (XML ATA Nodes) could be assigned to a group leader, with the well defined list of XML inputs and XML outputs.

The new TATTVUM PoPP Archive

We intend to start a new archive at TATTVUM in two more weeks. An archive for Proof of Principle Prototypes (PoPP), before becoming a product. As others have inquired, we do want to start complete product development in OpenSource, but that needs far more preparation. As a prelude to that, we are starting this PoPP Archive, so that we can experiment our alpha quality ideas, without promising about being a reliable product. This archive will host only barely working prototypes, which are just Proof of a Principle that we are exploring. As it is, the XPathDMM interface's implementation would be the first PoPP in this archive. Ideally this should be happening before 25th.

We request all the members of this group to voice out their interest or comments about this endeavor. If they are interested they can enroll as developers willing to explore, criticize and develop PoP prototypes. The intentions are two fold: One to explore new concepts and techniques, and the second to see how this distributed development is working for us. If both of these goes on well (which we fully believe that it will), we can use these techniques and the people in the future projects at TATTVUM. Please do comment and enroll. Just mail us at group@TATTVUM.com with your comments or your willingness, and we guarantee to respond within 48 hrs.