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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 4:23:41 AM

Using Unicode [Read this article]

In Unicode character set, each character is represented by two bytes. Thus a Unicode string is a sequence not of individual bytes but of two-byte words. Check more about Unicode .

We created the XML file and changed using XSL file, thus transforming the XML to HTML. And to our surprise, we were able to see only junk characters in the 'TeamName'...

...We tried to set the encoding to 'utf-8', 'utf-16' and so on... But at last our problem came to end when we set the encoding to 'iso-8859-1'.

 TJ Ragam 0.2 [PoPP - TJ Ragam 0.2]

The updated TJ Ragam is available in the Proof of Principle Prototype (PoPP) archive. The main change is the architecture of the parser. Maybe I'll elaborate about this some day, if it is found interesting (especially if you compare with the 0.1 release). The goal of generating the .mid file, with the same time-duration as we hear, is still not very clear, though it seems to be working.

 OSS Tools 0.3 [CheckList - OSS Tools 0.3]

After a long time, the checklist of Open Source Software Tools - 0.3, is updated. The URL's are working now. The goal here is not to confuse you with choice, but to state only the things that seem to work in our experience. But for now, since the choices are equally interesting in some respects, all that we consider as a useful tool is listed.

 Tattvum Article Template 0.2 [PoPP - TArticle 0.2]

For easing the article submission and the formatting of it for publication in the TATTVUM site, we encourage you to download this HTML Article template zip file. It contains the HTML pre-publication version of a TATTVUM article. You can use this tagging model for your own article, by suitably breaking your article into blocks, and copy pasting it in this template, before sending it to us. This will greatly simplify our work. This template is also a reasonably flexible model to streamline your own thinking process.

This updated version Includes a sample article as HTML and a separate article.css, to simplify the HTML page. This was standalone earlier ( during the 0.1 version), now it is included as a project in PoPP archive.