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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:25:58 AM

Chaos, Fractals and P2P Programming [Read this article]

On first exposure, one might assume that Chaos is just any random phenomenon. But it is more than that. Chaotic systems are very dependent on their initial conditions, but after that they usually follow, fairly simple rules of transformation. But in spite of their simple and concrete state transformation rules, the system might be too complex to predict 'what its next state will be'. Nowadays it is realized that weather and many other real world phenomenon are chaotic. Which means that they follow fairly simple rules, but yet they are highly predictable...

...The use of simple but Fractal like powerful rules for P2P programming is that, the developers are free to use these rules in many different ways and in many different situations, and thereby creating powerful future systems. Of course this is a utopian dream, but worth the effort, if it is done in a collaborative and open manner. Whenever we create some architecture or a protocol for the Holy Grail of Distributed Computing (or for that matter anything), we need to keep this simplicity and flexibility requirement in mind. Maybe some more in depth study of these invigorating concepts of Chaos and Fractals could make our endeavor that much more success-prone.