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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 4:28:32 AM

AJAX Nirvana [Read this article]

...Ok now for how to use Ajax. Let us go to the extreme and see. Every time I read about ajax it is only about some aspect of of the GUI being enhanced by Ajax. Like some suggesting edit boxes, some nifty validations etc. But what is the maximum that ajax can do to the Web GUI? Can we totally change the way we create web GUI?

Think of that...! The server data model being same, and the whole GUI being developed in various ways. If CSS changed the way we skin the look and feel (colors, fonts, images, and layout) of the web application, this Ajax, and the consequent standaloneness allows even the interactions and the behavior to be skinnable...

Every time I hear about the issues of Ajax, it is about it not allowing a website like usage patterns. Like, no proper back button handling, no bookmarkability, complexity of JS coding etc. But have they all ever known what it takes to build a serious desktop client with VB, Delphi or Java? Remember Ajax is used for building web applications, not web sites of static pages. And that means all the complexity and issues of an application will be true for it. And who said that a web application should be like a web site!?