Home Page - 2002-04-07

Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:15:29 AM

Dear folks, the ellipses (three dots) at the end of the 'Launching now' title is just to caution you and to ridicule myself, in not being able to do a good job of this launching, to my fullest satisfaction. To my own surprise, I'm too busy with many practical things. Folks, this is also my straight faced plea to you all, for any help you can offer. Right now it is not money, but interactions and research work. You know the site, please see where you can fit (if need be create a need)!

Now that the confession is made, I owe to myself and to you all, to see to that, that this company succeeds, Come What May. Though it is inherently ridiculous to dream something without much substance (what is that?), I'm very sure that we can offer something in the form of openness, simplicity and innovation. We will. All said, and caution apart, there is something to jubilate about. This is April, and we are already afoot as planned, we are 'Launching' as planned, and we are making progress as planned, all this well within the broad timetable we started with. There is place for improvements, but there is also lot to pat our backs about.

Automate: Not at the cost of Freedom [Read this article] I find that it is extremely hard to fill up a simple recordable CD (which just costs under Rs.20/-) with all the corporate source code (zipped), even for a full month. This prompted me to think about the needlessness of putting ourselves against the human-un-readable format of these version control systems. I equally abhor the open-source CVS and its proprietary and costly commercial counterparts. Because, they all are binary formats, with not much persuasive need in these modern times.