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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:30:40 AM

I Love Cocoon! [Read this Article]

Put very simply: Both Struts and Cocoon, just like the 'Home Grown Model' relies very little on the servlets (in fact only one servlet usually)! This was very heart warming. Then, where they differed? what did they offer extra? Again, from the very very thin study I've done, it seems, that the Struts relied more on Java, and Cocoon relied almost completely on XML-XSL infrastructure. As Cocoon was close to my heart, I went into it to some depth, while just giving a quick glance at Struts. So this article will be more on Cocoon and its philosophy, rather than Struts. I'm in fact an advocate of completely XMLised world, with XSLT as the transforming node (see the next section for more explanations).