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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:43:31 AM

TATTVUM - 2002 Q3 Reports and Plans [Read this article]

...on the plus side, we can be sure that our Q2 goals of stabilizing our site with articles and other archives, is achieved. More than this, few vital pieces of software development models are clearer now, and it shows up in our articles. With value and value only can we be known. Strength and progress has its own aroma, and will draw the connoisseurs together. So this quarter, as the previous quarters, we will focus on strengthening our core strengths. Internet is our visiting card, our meeting point and of course a useful display board. No more, no less.

...Finally, we need to arrive at a model to synchronize the requirements, modularity and testing of the project in one seamless whole. These three things are inseparable in many ways (maybe the documentation even). So, instead of developing some allopathic-style symptomatic strategies for development, we must find the invariants, and work towards an Ayurvedic-style holistic approach, minus the complexity and non-transparency. Our development style should be self-regulating, and ridiculously simple, but exactly to the point.

...In this quarter there should be good deal of comparative and in-depth articles on Linux model and its usages. It would be vital, that before this quarter's end, we must be as conversant with it as we are with the Wintel. One part of that study would be to explore the Linux equivalents of the essential software like office, editors etc. But software is not all; an effective usage scenario is essential and should be elaborated.