Object Oriented Build Management [Read this article]

Have you ever wondered how a build tool can make big impact to the way we code and deliver? If you have then this is where you will find your answers, if you have not, you will get more questions and some answers to them as well! This article will explain about some of subtle aspects of build management using Maven tool drawing parallel to various object oriented concepts that we are familiar with and how that can be applied to build management. Here we will also see how migrating to an build using maven can help the project in making the development a lot easier, to have a better Java code management and how it aids in getting it to the new level in configuration management.

...So the concept is to have these extra meaning (only those which may not vary too much from project to project) built in to the configuration management system, apart from creating sub-projects. This conventions to tag the semantics of the files could be denoted by its root folder name (src/main/java) or a special file (POM file) inside a folder denoting a special meaning (say that it is group, or a parent POM). This makes it more object-oriented and easy to separate them and have an appropriate root folder structure for the same.

This article brings in another perspective of applying object oriented principles to build management using Maven 2. In summary, we saw about how it helps in code health, configuration management restructuring and libraries management to our advantage, and all of these with our 'sub-project' thinking. It does not cover various nitty-gritty of 'how' each of them can be done using Maven...