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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 3:54:15 AM

Scalable Session Management [Read this article]

...A solution to above mentioned problem is to ensure data in the session is removed as and when they become unnecessary and the developer is freed of the burden of removing the data added to the session. This is like going Java-way, where the developer is not burdened by the task of removing the objects created. However in our case the solution is not GC, as we will propose a more deterministic way of removing session data.

Let us see a typical problem in a web system which has menus and some sub-menus for navigation. Assume that session data is required at menu level as well as at sub-menu level in the application, so the program adds the data to session as and when required. When the user of the web-system navigates randomly from one sub-menu to another, the data added in the previously visited sub-menu still remains in the memory, irrespective of whether the developer really needed that data now or not...