TATTVUM - Dreams for this quarter and beyond

Some thoughts on the content model for the site

S V Ramu (2002-04-14)

The Weekly Site Hosting

For seven weeks continuously now, the TATTVUM site is going strong, content wise. For now we are unable to concentrate on publicity, nor are keen. This has been a big learning experience, and we intend to perpetuate this weekly hosting, may be, for ever!

Archives - Some old, some new and some planned

With this week's hosting we are introducing a new archive. Before this April end, we intend to add two more archive.

The Mailing Model

From this week onwards we'll remove all links to Yahoogroups. Instead, all (three) group email links will be redirected to TATTVUM ids with appropriate subject line prefixes. We do this change for the following reasons,

There is not much change in what you need to do,

Software archive postponed

Once again the software archive has been postponed. Last week I browsed for some GNU free utilities for windows, and found some treasure troves. We intend to share them with you all, with some elaboration about how they can be used together with other free tools. It is important that we exhaustively explore the existing open source tools before we create our own.