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Post date: Nov 29, 2008 1:46:0 AM

The over use of conditionals is the signal of OOD going bad. Beware of it, and you are on your way to Object Oriented Programming nirvana. This article exposes the pitfalls in using conditionals, especially IF statements, in an OO application. Could we then afford to discard IF statement completely? Why should we safeguard against the usage of conditionals? If binary branching is dangerous what about multiple branching? These questions are addressed by this article. Accompanying review discusses the seriousness of this question, and the fertile research that could arise from it. Why JINI? [Read this article]

What is JINI? Just another jargon added to the alphabet soup of current times? JINI is a distributed programming idiom and a platform, from Sun. It fully relies on Java's code mobility through wire, and UDP multicast.Do we need one more paradigm now? Aren't we already doing distributed applications? Well, JINI says that our n-tier architecture is a too tightly bound model. For future we need much more flexible, dynamic and simple paradigms for simplifying our already complicated life. JINI is one of those futuristic models.